Harvest Journey
Kameoka Explore the secret side of Kyoto

Only a 20-minute
rapid service train
ride from Kyoto Station.

On the other side of the Hozu Gorge, lies the Kameoka basin,
surrounded by gently sloping mountains.

Life has carried on here since before the year 1500.
Since that time, people have plowed the land and taken their vegetables to Kyoto.

Roughly 89,000 people.
Farmers who raise choice vegetables,
Chefs who bring out the flavors of their ingredients,
Artists who engage in quiet workmanship,
Tradesmen who carry on the traditions handed down through generations.

Daily life in Kameoka happens at the intersection of history, culture, and modern life.
Enjoy an experience that is only possible in Kameoka.

Harvest Journey Kameoka
  • SLOW

    Exploring yourself.

    Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and take a deep breath.
    Enjoy an experience that will put your mind and body at ease among the sounds of nature and the pastoral scenery.

    Even now, the streets and culture remain much the same as when this was a castle town long ago. Here you can feel the traditions that have been handed down over the years, and pass peaceful hours in the villages that skirt the mountains.

    Come in contact with the cultural backdrop…
    Follow in the footsteps of time passed…
    Fully engage with your inner traveler….

    Now, cherish this moment.

  • FLOW

    Begin your peaceful journey.

    The area upstream of Arashiyama on the Hozu River.

    In the Hozu Gorge where the geology of 200 million years ago comes in and out of view, there is a primeval feeling. You can feel the history of the people who traveled on this river flowing in the current.

    The water from the mountains nourishes the earth, makes the peoples’ lives more bountiful, and there arises a new culture.

    The breath of spring, the summer sunshine, the colors of fall, and the austere silence of winter.

    Listen to the harmony of life,
    And begin your peaceful journey.

  • GROW

    Enrich yourself and Kameoka.

    Vegetables grow freely in Kameoka’s fertile soil…
    Refined craftsmanship using natural materials…
    The people of Kameoka have worked in harmony with nature to produce these things.

    Feel the sensation of living in the cycle of nature with your five senses.

    The deeply-rooted native culture combines with the energy of travelers to form our town.

    Your journey will enrich you and Kameoka.

Harvest Journey Kameoka

Model Courses

There are three courses that will allow you to discover Kameoka and its culture: SLOW, FLOW, and GROW.
Customers may choose from the model courses available, or customize to fit their interests.

Harvest Journey Kameoka

Good Spots
in Kameoka

From inns and cafés, to local farms and craftsmen’s workshops, Kameoka has plenty to offer. Find your new favorite place.

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