Saida Sekizaiten

 Founded in 1902, Saida Sekizaiten has processed and sculpted stone for 5 generations. As a Kyoto Century Club Long-Established Company of Kyoto, we are passionate about passing on the traditions and history of Kyoto to future generations. Everyday, we aim to make a positive contribution to our region.

 Using hammers and chisels, Saida Sekizaiten specializes in making stone lanterns and other stone craftworks. We employ extensive knowledge of traditional stonecraft to collaborate with contemporary artists and deigners. Takaaki Saida, fifth-generation stone mason and president of Saida Sekizaiten, holds various certifications including: first class stone sculptor (2005), Certified KyotoTraditional Products Craftsman (2007), and Certified Japan Traditional Products Craftsman (2013). In recent years, Saida Sekizaiten has participated in exhibitions and given demonstrations in the United States and Italy in an effort to advance traditional Japanese arts around the world.

Address: Kyoto-fu, Kameoka-shi, Sogabe-cho, Houki, Teranawaichi 38-1
Access: Kameoka Station –> F22 or F24 bus –> get off at Houki –> walk 3 minutes
Open Hours:9:00〜17:00
Closed: New Year’s Holidays
Parking: 5 cars

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