Farmhouse NaNa

Farmhouse NaNa is like a scene from a memory. The hours pass peacefully here in Hozu, Kameoka. Combining traditional Japanese architecture with all of the modern conveniences, this barrier-free inn allows guests to enjoy the view of our 100-year-old Japanese garden from every room in any season. Guests can experience stoking the flames of our traditional kamado stoves, or try farming in our garden. Prices reflect room and board only.

Address: Kyoto-fu, Kameoka-shi, Hozu-cho, Uerajo 20
Phone number:090−2102−3715(Toyoda)
JR Kameoka Station–> Kawa-Higashi F11 Bus (bound for Chiyokawa) [5 minutes] –> get off at Kita Hozu –> walk 1 minute
A 20-minute walk from the north exit of Kameoka Station
Open Hours: We are available by phone from 10:00 to 18:00. No scheduled holidays.
Parking:4-5 cars

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Meet the Owner

Farmhouse NaNaSachiko Toyoda

Harvest Journey Kameoka

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