Hozuhama Terrace / Trunk

A private rental space overlooking the farmland along the Hozu River. Three rooms available, each offering roughly 11 square meters of space: 1. a meeting space with a large wooden table; 2. an exhibition space with white, rough-plank walls; 3. a Japanese-style room with an alcove and traditional staggered shelves. These rooms are suitable for any kind of class, party, art gallery, etc. Hozuhama Terrace: a place of contemplation, expression, and experience.

Address: Kyoto-fu, Kameoka-shi, Hozu-cho, Miyanomae 19-2
Phone number: 0771-20-8678
Access: an 18-minute walk from Kameoka Station
Open Hours: 10:00 – 17:00
Closed: Obon, New Year’s Holidays
Parking: 3 cars

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