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Handkerchief indigo dyeing experienceKyoto Hozuai Studio

Hozuai Research Institute is an indigo dyeing company. We concentrate on developing and selling Kyoto Hozu indigo plant/Ryukyu indigo plant products as well as large scale production of Kyoto Hozu indigo plant. We offer work shops where you can try dyeing a handkerchief, scarf, T-shirt, a traditional Japanese shop-entrance curtain, or of an item that you bring.

Address: Kyoto-fu, Kameoka-shi, Hozu-cho, Sannotsubo 50
Phone number: 0771-23-2303
Access: a 20-minute walk from Kameoka Station or
a 15-minute drive from the Kyoto Jukan Expressway Shino interchange
Open Hours:9:00~17:00
Closed:Sat; holidays; Golden Week; Obon; New Year’s Holidays
Parking:5 cars

Harvest Journey Kameoka

Meet the Owner

Kyoto Hozuai StudioKeiichi Yoshikawa

Harvest Journey Kameoka

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